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 Noxi Nox's House of Characters

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PostSubject: Noxi Nox's House of Characters   Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:15 pm

Name: Noxi Frost
Age/Birthday: 16 December Twenty Fourth.
Gender: Female
Blood type: Pure
Family: Alistair Frost(Father), Isabelle Frost(Mother), Mark Frost(Older Brother)
Years at Hogwarts: Sixth
Brief History: Born into a pure blood family Noxi Frost never took on her mother’s distaste towards muggle born, and half bloods. She spent much of her time out in the garden with her father and brother. And the other half of the time inside with her mother making dinner and things. Around her fifth birthday Noxi had received her first pair of ice skates which she loved to use until she was nine. When she was running down the hall she had tripped ahd the guard on her ice skates weren’t there so she cut her cheek. When she reached the age of eleven she began her journey at Hogwarts. Which went fairly well and so did the years that followed.
Physical Appearance: Noxi stands about five foot seven inches. She has dark blue eyes, with long wavy chestnut brown hair. For her age she’s fairly curvy with a decent bust. Noxi tends to wear, skinny jeans, skirts, hoodies, converse and such when she’s not required to wear a uniform. Upon her right cheek, is a faded scar from when she had accidentally slipped and cut herself on her ice skates when she was about nine.
Personality: Noxi tends to be a slightly cold, but welcoming around strangers. Kind hearted as she is she does have a wild spirit that gets her in trouble at times. Being the younger sister she’s respectful to her elders. She’s eager to please others and will take responsibility when it is need.
Wand wood: Ash
Wand core: Phoenix Feather
Wand Length: Twelve and One Quarter Inch.
Pet: A tawny owl named Dusk.
Talents: Noxi's fairly talented at herbology, and brewing some potions.
Prefered House: Hufflepuff
Other: Hufflepuff Head Of House

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PostSubject: Re: Noxi Nox's House of Characters   Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:47 pm

Very good! Accepted! Very Happy
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Noxi Nox's House of Characters
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