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 My very own!

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PostSubject: My very own!   Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:57 pm

Yes, I did make them the grandchildren of Ron and Hermione. And Yes I did put 4 kids on the same topic. I can do that.

Name: Zea Weasley; Annie weasley; Jule Weasley; Brex weasley
Age/Birthday: Annie 11
Zea 11
Jule 13
Brex 16
Blood type: Pure
Uncle: Arthur Weasley
Dad: Jeremy Weasley
Mom: Lucinda Fiddlinks(dead)
Years at hogwarts:
Zea and Annie~ First year
Jule~ third year
Brex~ sixth year
Brief History: At the Age of 22, Jeremy Weasley married Lucinda Fiddlinks. A while later, they gave birth to their first child, Brex. After that Jule. Then to everyone's pleasure, Twin Witches came.Lucinda died in childbirth. It was obvious that Jule was rather like his Cousins, Fred and George. In His first years at hogwarts, Brex showed talent. The twins at first seemed to be squibs, But it was later found out that they were just late bloomers.
Physical Appearance:
Zea and Annie~ They are Identical twins, and both have red hair with freckles. They are both short and skinny, and wear their hair in a braid.
Jule~ Jule has Longish dark frizzy hair. Her brown eyes seem to glisten as if he were dropping a dungbomb down your robe.
Brex~ Brex is rather strong and tall, with dark red hair and his mother's blue eyes.
Personality: Annie is a noisy girl who admires her brother Jule. She is energetic and dependent on both her twin and Jule.
Zea is a daring girl who enjoys history of magic and muggle studys. She is a daring girl and Loves irony.
Jule is a prankster who enjoys to sneak out after lights out and have an adventure.
Brex is a sporty boy who feels as if he is responsible to take care of his family.

Annie Wand wood: Maple
Wand core: unicorn tail
Wand Lenth: 7 in

Zea Wand wood: Ebony
Wand core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Lenth: 12in

Jule Wand wood: Ash
Wand core: Phoenix feather
Wand Lenth: 9 3/4 in

Brex Wand wood: Oak
Wand core: dragon heartstring
Wand Lenth: 10 1/2 in

Pet: Annie~ a cat named Jax
Zea~ an Owl named Jinx
Jule~ a rat named Nor
Brex~ an Owl named Reph
Prefered House: Annie~ Gryffindor
Zea~ Gryffindor
Jule~ Gryffindor
Brex~ Slytherin

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Posts : 49
Join date : 2011-10-12
Age : 19
Location : Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy hoggy hogwarts!

PostSubject: Re: My very own!   Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:17 am

Henry Whipple
11-first year
Mother :Clove Whipple-hufflepuff
Father: Jeremy Whipple-muggle
Sister: Ebony Jones-ravenclaw married to Bennitt Jones-ravenclaw
Brother: James Whipple-8 years old
History: Henry was raised in Irland with his Muggle father and Witch mother. He has one older sister and a younger brother. When He was eleven he, like his sister recived the letter. He hopes to be placed in the hufflepuff house, but the Ravenclaw house wouldn't be bad either.
Personality: Henry is a musical boy who is always loyal and kind. He is a little shy, and overly trusting. His powers are a little unreliable, like most and he seems to be pretty average in everything he does.
Black hair with gold eyes
Short and medium muscles.

Annie Weasly/first year/Gryffindor/Pureblood Smile
Zea Weasly/first year/Gryffindor/Pureblood Very Happy
Jule Weasly/third year/Gryffindor/Pureblood Cool
Brex Weasly/sixth year/Slytherin/Pureblood Twisted Evil
Henry Whipple/first year/Hufflepuff/halfblood rabbit
Fritz Rehcaet/teacher of Muggle studies/Head of house for Gryffindor/Halfbloodstudy
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My very own!
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